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Fequently Asked Questions

What days and times do you see your clients?

My practice is open from 8 am and I see my last client at 5 pm. In some cases, I do see clients before 8 am, but this needs to be previously discussed. I see clients Monday to Friday, and in some cases on Saturdays. This too would need previous discussion. In cases of emergency, I will be available after hours for debriefing purposes.


Should I come early for a session?

I ask clients to please stick to their time agreed upon, as I take the time between clients to make calls, update files, etc, and also to keep confidentiality to its utmost. Clients don't like to bump into each other, so I ask them to please stick to their times. e.g. If the appointment is set for 9:00 am, come up at 8:58 am.


Will I be asked personal questions or be told what to do?

The counseling process does require the patient to be as open and as honest as you feel you can be. Please remember that everything is strictly confidential, and I am not out to "hear the gossip". Personal details are part of the process of me understanding your back ground and "where you are at" as my client. it is not a space for me to judge, in fact, it is one area that clients can completely let go and open themselves up. As a counselor, I am not here to bully you, or tell you what to do, all decisions are made by my clients. My role is simply to listen to my clients, work with my clients and help them to make sense of their problem, as well as to guide them through the counseling process.