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Professional Counselling


This comprises of one-on-one or group (couples, families etc) sessions with myself. The sessions are conducted in a professional but warm environment with a client centered and eclectic approach to counselling. Confidentiality and ethics are principles I value the most in sessions and I can assure all my clients to stand by my code of ethics. 

I have a vast interest in different areas, so please feel free to be in contact regarding the session or any questions you may have, beforehand.

A counselling session is 50-60min long and client bookings are spaced out to ensure no overlap of time and full attention.

I do also offer on site counselling for organisations and families/individuals who are unable to attend at my practice.


Much research has shown that debriefing should take place within 24-27hrs after a traumatic situation has occurred. This extends to people who have either been victim of, involved in or have witnessed a hijacking, house break in, mugging, rape and other traumatic events. It is vital to be debriefed by a professional who can process the event with you (and others) to prevent the occurrence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Debriefing is best done at my practice, but can in some cases be done at your home, business etc. A debriefing session usually takes about 50-60min. These sessions are kept strictly confidential.